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It doesn't feel like my last journal entry was almost a year ago, but clearly it was! 

First of all, I want to apologize to all the wonderful people who still watch me. I know in my last entry I said I would put up the new Ever After Tales part 5, but things have changed a great deal with the series since Dec. 3, 2013. Don't worry, I will explain why!

After taking a serious look at my writing goals, I decided that, to avoid copyright issues in the future and to make my book(s) more marketable, my series is no longer based on the Disney version of the fairy tales.

I know that might upset some of you, since you were such big fans of my work (which I 1000% appreciate/did not expect), but if I want to publish my next book soon, which I do, then I have to be aware of these sorts of things.

I still plan to write the series, but new fairy tales have been added and others taken out. All are sequels of the original fairy tales created by, well, whoever. Most are the Brothers Grimm just because they were such prolific fantasy writers. 

The books are now a combination of history and fantasy. All still are told through the perspective of two characters, both children of the original fairy tale's main characters. That much has not changed. Below is a list of the fairy tales (in order of being written) with a short bio, the country they take place in, and the time period.

Cinderella</b>: Spain, 1670s. When Princess Janelle, eldest child of Queen Cinderella and King Marc, hears news of her unwanted suitor returning from abroad, she leaves the palace with her brother Patrick to create a new life for herself. 
Sleeping Beauty</b>: Russia, 1380s. With her father Prince Leo fighting the Mongols for most of her young life, Princess Roza has gotten away with a great deal. But when her father returns with the intention of setting his family to right, Roza soon learns just how strong a will he has. Prince Isaak has always felt the least loved in his large family, so when the second son of Princess Brier Rose is taken to a world full of magic, he sees the opportunity to escape his feelings of inadequacy.
The Little Mermaid</b>: Caribbean, 1040s. When Lyron's father dies, the heir to the throne is overcome with grief. Acting on impulse, he takes the first ship he can and escapes the palace. Out on the open water, he meets a little merman unlike any other. Pirro, a descendant of his aunt the Little Mermaid, meets the human prince by accident, but when the chance to show Lyron just how big the world is, he doesn't miss a beat.
Beauty and the Beast</b>: Romania, 1520s. Dorin's blindness has never stopped him from getting what he wanted, and what he wants most is the kingdom his twin brother will likely inherit. His younger sister Tatiana leaves home to marry a Ukrainian prince who, unfortunately, doesn't seem to like the idea of marrying her. But the prince will soon discover his bride-to-be is far more stubborn than he gave her credit.
Aladdin</b>: China, 1430s. Chen has spent her whole life in the shadow of her older brother, and at 19, she's reached the point where she will do whatever it takes to get the throne her father has groomed her for since the day of her birth, even if it means murder. Unlike his older siblings, Huan has no intention of seating himself on his father's throne. He's too busy performing before crowds of hundreds, mostly dressed as a woman. Actually, he'd prefer if he could wear women's clothes all the time. He just doesn't know how to tell his family that.
The 12 Dancing Princesses</b>: India, 1560s. Jaya's mother, the youngest of the 12, murdered her husband after years of an unhappy marriage, leaving her children orphans. Jaya sets off to find her mother, but it proves more challenging as her cousin Rohan accidentally starts a war between Jaya's world and the world the 12 princesses used to visit every night.
The Princess and the Pea</b>: Austria, 1750s. Emmalina never fit the princess mold her father hoped she would. Having been trained as a solider for most of her life, when her little sister Lisa is placed in a tower to await her "Prince Charming," Emma takes off with a fellow female solider with the intention to rescue her sister and prove to her father she may not behave like a princess, but she is still his daughter.
The Frog King</b>: Poland, 1250s. Natasha falls in love with Kasper instantly. It's almost scary, except every morning, after she has her morning tea, the feeling is so much stronger. She doesn't even notice when her little brother Marik is banished from the castle by her older brother, leaving him to deal with his autism on his own for the very first time in his life.
Rapunzel</b>: Italy, 1150s. Fiore's home keeps getting attacked by pirates, but he's had enough when his twin sister Annetta is raped by a group of them. Each set out on the open sea with different intentions, and different companions. Both seek justices, but they may get more than they bargained for as their journey progresses.
The Six Swans</b>: Egypt, 1210s. When a slave uprising kills the Pharoh and his wife, Binra and his five younger siblings escape into hiding. Binra unintentionally becomes the leader of a group of thieves, and on one of his late-night heists, he finds his deaf sister Iseret. With the intention of getting their home back, they set off to find their other siblings.
The Snow Queen</b>: Tibet, 1340s. Dechan, the son of Kay and Gerda, accidentally uses a pendant he promised never to touch in order to save his friend. Except, it doesn't really work, because Jampa is gone and now it's up to Dechan to save him. Tashi, Dechan's little sister, has enough of her own problems. When her husband is assassinated by his own family, Tashi has to find a way to keep herself safe and cope with the loss of her true love.

As you can see, these stories barely resemble their old versions at all. I will not be posting these new versions on dA, just so they stand a better chance of being published in the future. However, if enough of you express interest in seeing the old versions back up, I see no issue taking them out of storage so you can enjoy them as much as I did.

Also, in case you didn't notice, I'm trying to include as much diversity in these stories as possible. Some have physical disabilities, like Dorin's blindness, while others have mental ones, like depression. I have gay characters, lesbians, bisexuals, and I believe I have a pansexual and asexual as well. 

:star:Please tell me what you think of these new versions! Would you want to read them? Are there some attributes that you want to see in these stories that I didn't list? If you have ANY questions, feel free to comment or send me a note.:star:



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